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Friday Favorites

1.  My life is even more complete with a new throughout the house.  And that volume control is pretty sweet.

2. One of my favorite holidays has to be Cinco De Mayo.  And nothing beats celebrating it with a a nice frozen margarita at a top happy hour in town like District Kitchen.

3.  The latest episode of Game of Thrones.  I know why I am watching.  "You Know Nothing"  

4.  The great frappuccino deal at Starbucks this week...OMG yes please.  

5.  Birthdays are the best.  And it was my first time at Sway to celebrate the big day.  Can you say Tiger Cry?  Seriously, great service, food, and atmosphere.

6.  Definitely on the menu this weekend is this BBQ Chicken

7.  Ready for summer with these tasty treats from Trader Joe's 

8.  Your best books on Parenting Teenagers?  Go!!! 

9.  Completely sucked in with reading Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.  Holy Wow!

10.  So happy to have fixed some meals for moms of this group this week.

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